Laconi in Sardinia

Laconi is a fascinating mountain town sheltered in a fold of the hills on the fringes of the grand massif of Gennargentu.

Parco Aymerich Pond details tree Sakanatravel
Laconi Parco Aymerich Pond photo by L.C. Sakanatravel
Parco Aymerich Laconi Stream
Laconi Parco Aymerich  Stream Photo by L.C. Sakanatravel 2019

This charismatic small hamlet shows a fresh and bucolic feel with views of green, magical ponds and swinging streams. It is a fantastic place to explore full of traditions, archaeology and Cristian devotion.

Parco Aymerich Laconi Waterfalls
Parco Aymerich  Waterfalls photo by L.C. Sakanatravel 2019

Parco Aymerich
The Aymerich Park in Laconi is a lovely and peaceful 22-hectare heaven ideal for an unusual excursion in the centre of town.

Parco Aymerich Trees Laconi Sakanatravel
Laconi Parco Aymerich Trees  Photo by L.C. Sakanatravel 2019

You will be amazed by an array of streams, springs, and waterfalls overlooking calm ponds, all around woods of oak trees, olive and locust groves and a big variety of plants from all over the world….. read more

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