……Straight ahead was Sardinia, called by the Pelasgians by the Greek name of Ichnusa, because of the resemblance of its outline to the shape of a sandal…

Vuiller, Gaston. The forgotten isles: impressions of travel in the Balearic Isles, Corsica and Sardinia Hutchinson and Co, 1896

The Kingdoms of Sicily and Sardinia with Adjacent Island of Corsica, Elba, Malta and Liparee or Vulcano, and the beaches of Northern Africa and Southern Italy. Represented as geographica
The Kingdoms of Sicily and Sardinia …by Mr. G. A. B. Rizzi Zannoni, Professor of Geography of the Cosmographic Company of Nuremburg, for the Heirs of Homann MDCCLXII

Sardinia is one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean sea, second only to Sicily.
The main city is the beautiful Cagliari in the deep south and enchanting place bright and full of harmony.

Costa Sud road I
Costa del Sud photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 2008-2020

The island has a rich heritage of archeological and artistic remains which dates back more than 4000 years ago.


Arzachena Mt Incapitatu II
Arzachena -Monti Incappiddatu – Il Fungo  Photo by A.O.  Sakanatravel 2008-2020


This unique Mediterranean island will inspire you  every step of the way with its main attraction: the Sardinian people with their innate hospitality and fascinating cultural differences and traditions.

Fisherman and dog.JPG

With the help of Sakanatravel you will be amazed by the variety of experiences: visiting the Gallura , Logudoro and Catalan Alghero in the north, the Sulcis and Cagliari area in the south and fall in love with the best kept secret of the island the Inland mountain district of Barbagia.

Gavoi maialetto
Gavoi Roasted Suckling Pig Photo by Daigo F. Sakanatravel 2008-2020

It is an island where the past is inescapable and always present in the myriad of festivals that takes place all year round like Autumn in Barbagia a collection of what it is known and celebrated as Sardinian craft and culinary traditions and first and foremost a celebration of people and their differences.

Issohadores I
Mamoiada Carnival Issohadores detail of Mask photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 2008- 2020
4 mori Tennant for website
Heraldic arms of Sardinia – Tennant, Robert, Sardinia and its resources, Roma printed; London 1885 pag.312.

Sardinian Flag commonly known as “Four Moors” shows four figures with headbands and it is very important in Sardinian culture as a symbol of belonging, identity and sharing culture.

SeaUrcin I
Sea Urchin Sardinia photo by Ayaka O.  Sakanatravel 2006-2020

GALLURA   lentischio-2-2[1]NEW su-giudeu-lagoon-a-f[1]



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