Costa Smeralda

The Emerald Coast or Costa Smeralda stretches for about 50km from Golfo Aranci to Arzachena Gulf creating the island’s chic north-east corner.

The beauty of the varied scenery, its sandy beaches and calm water has made it the vacation paradise for the elite and Italian celebrities.
Modern villas and hotels are set in the primitive countryside made colourful with gorse, rock rose, rosemary, lavender, orchis and a plethora of other wild flowers on the rocky hill side.
The nerve centre of this wonderland is Porto Cervo, where people meet one another on the Piazzetta and afterwards, saunter over the Cafe’ du Port.
Yachts anchor in the harbour and village resort of Liscia di Vacca nearby, while their passengers call at the hotels and villas that have sprung up in the previously deserted corner of the island.

Places to see


Porto Cervo
Stella Maris Church Porto Cervo photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 


Porto Cervo is the leading resort in the area.
For those looking for sophisticated, up-market accommodations, this is the place to be.
Amenities are in tone with its fame: an extensive yacht marina, one of the best equipped in the Mediterranean, the 18-hole Pevero golf course only ten minutes away, and facilities for all types of water sports.
The magnificent landscape of small sandy beaches obscured by the rocky shoreline will make a splendid set up for a romantic holiday.
Beaches nearby are Poltu Quatu, Capriccioli, Liscia Rujas and Liscia di Vacca.

Porto Cervo
Town Resor of Porto Cervo

Stella Maris Church (Star of the Sea) is situated on the hill near Porto Cervo, designed by Busiri Vici in his free plastic south Mediterranean style.
Built in 1968 it hosts the precious “Our Lady of Sorrows” a painting by El Greco donated to the church by Baroness Bentick.

Porto cervo Church
Stella Maris Church


Porto Rotondo

The rich resort of Porto Rotondo is located not far from Olbia along the ss125 on the northern side of the Punta Volpe promontory.
Following the development of the Costa Smeralda in the 60s, the town was built as a top class tourist destination, encompassing the round-shaped harbour immersed in thorny Mediterranean macchia.
Few selected Milan style boutique and expensive cocktails bars set the extravagant image of San Marco Square and the Marina ideal place for a millionaire evening walk.
The church of San Lorenzo and an open-air theatre just few minutes away complete the dream picture.
The winding road around Cala Volpe headland pass a few nice pretty beaches (Ira and Punta Asfodelo are the most famous), but what catch your eyes are the numerous villas in Sardinian style with blue sparkling pools that set the landscape.

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