Santa Teresa di Gallura

The town of Santa Teresa is situated on a rocky headland at the end of a deep and narrow “fjord” overlooking the Corsican sea-shore.
Superb white sandy beaches surround this pleasant little town, calm and lied back in winter, crowded with tourist in summer season.

Sea Boat
The coastline is really spectacular here with a narrow finger of land bordered by beautiful beaches leading to the promontory of Capo Testa, where magnificent rock formations of silver and white granite rise from sapphire blue water.
Heading north from the main square Piazza Vittorio, the centre of the town, you will be amazed by the fine beach of Rena Bianca, white sand round a beautiful bay protected by two lofty cliffs and overshadowed by the Spanish tower of Longonsardo.
If you fancy visiting Corsica this is the place for you.
Santa Teresa is the main embarkation point to the French island, follow the signs from the main square to via del Porto, the quayside with its tamarisk trees, lobsters awaiting export and bustle of arriving ferries is just minutes away.
Here regular ferry service to Bonifacio is in operation all year round.

Sea Urcin


Santa Teresa was founded on 12th August 1808 and named after King Vittorio Emmanuel’s wife, Maria Teresa, when a colony of Piedmontese was sent to Longone, old fishing town that stood on the left side of the present harbour, to populate the area.
Nonetheless Sardinian north terminus was inhabitated since Nuragic Era, evidence of that are visible in the Nuragic compound of Lu Brandali situated at short distance from town.
The Roman settlements of Tibula, near Capo Testa and Longonis nearby the town harbour, testify the importance of the area as a point of embarkation for the granitic rocks of Gallura, utilized to build Roman Villas, one for all, the Pantheon.


Places to see

Torre Aragonese

Also known as Torre Longonsardo.
Spanish watchtower from the 16th century offer you the best view possible over the strait of Bonifacio, the town’s main beach and Municca island.

Lu Brandali

Megalithic tomb part of a Nuragic compound of which is still visible the main Nuraghe nearby.
The complex is situated west of town on the road to Santa Reparata.

Rena Bianca

At walking distance from the tower, through picturesque path superb coastal scenery follow you all the way.
Beautiful golden beach is the main attraction in the summer months.

La Marmorata Beach

East of town in the vicinity of Sardinia’s northernmost point, Punta Falcone, it is a nice sandy beach with a fine view over the island of La Marmorata.

Capo Testa

Wondering along the windswept cliff tops and splendid beaches of this promontory you are virtually blinded by the dazzling navy blue of the sea in front.
Curious pieces of coastline that connect the promontory with the main land host two beautiful beaches; Spiaggia Rena di Levante on the right and Spiaggia Rena Ponente on the left also known as Baia Santa Reparata.



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