Chia is located along the breath-taking road of the south-west coast of Sardinia, the houses appear to grow out of the sea making it a perfect place to pass the afternoon staring out at the bay while sipping a nice glass of wine.

Sa Colonia V
Sa Colonia Beach view of the Torre di Chia photo by Stefano C. Sakanatravel

At a walking distance from the village, with rolling dunes, white sand and framed on the right side by the Spanish watchtower, “Torre di Chia” is one of the best beaches on the southern coast, a perfect sandy arc with a pretty lagoon behind.

Verso la Torre di Chia
Path towards Torre di Chia photo by Stefano C. Sakanatravel

Around the tower, built by the Spanish crown against the incursion of the pirates interested on the river water, have been found the remains of the ancient village of Chia, the fourth-century BC Phoenician and Carthaginian town of Bythia, ( in the locality of Isula Manna) and then Roman centre, mentioned in Ptolemy’s Geography, but never attaining the same importance as Nora or Tharros.

Chia town landscape V
Chia town photo by Sakanatravel

Among the ruins brought to light following a storm in the 30s including some tombs and parts of a temple probably dedicated to the Egyptian deity Bes, there are the remains of a Punic Tophet and the ancient road that leads to the important city of Nora.

Sa Colonia dalla Torre di Chia
View from Torre di Chia photo by Daigo F. Sakanatravel

A walk up to the tower affords a grand view south overlooking the coastline also known as Baia di Chia dotted with pretty coves and an array of beautiful beaches framed by dense vegetation and brightened by an emerald -green sea.
It is a spectacular place to pass a few hours.


Chia can be proud of a variety of beaches to suit every taste, from long stretches of glaring white sand with their shallow waters to pretty rocky coves, overall is an impressive sight.

On the west of Torre di Chia:

Sa Colonia

This wonderful white-collared stretch of land lay south of Chia, taking the form of a boundless beach surrounded by Asphodelus and sprinklings of lavender and Cistus grow on the open slopes, while heather crowds underneath the pine.

Sa Colonia IV
Sa Colonia beach photo by Stefano C. Sakanatravel
Sa Colonia III
Sa Colonia photo by Stefano C. Sakanatravel
Sa Colonia II
Sa Colonia in Summer photo by Stefano C. Sakanatravel

Cala del Morto 

A tiny, rather special rocky cove sits amidst juniper low trees showing a pretty sandy bay will draw you down to the magnetic turquoise sea for a refreshing dip.
Located a walking distance westward from Sa Colonia beach through a hilly path; although it is quite crowded in the summer time this superb spot manages to keep its laid-back, unspoiled charms throughout the year.

Porto di Campana Beach

You head down into an aquamarine-colored bay, set at the foot of dark green and ivory white sandy dunes which reach even 20 meters high and like magic a large and sweeping beach appear to your sight.

Chia Campana XI
Campana Beach photo by F.F. Sakanatravel

A superb view greets you the white sand glares in the sunlight and the clear blue sea reflects sky-blues shallow waters making this beautiful bay ideal for a picnic day in an amazing setting.

Chia Campana IIII
Campana beach Mediterranean pines photo by F.F. Sakanatravel

Arriving from the parking place just before the beach you can admire the immense natural pond ideal habitat for an array of species of birds from coots to little egrets to grey herons and especially flamingos coming from Africa that paddle here and breed their small ones

Chia Campana IX.JPG
Campana Landscape photo by F.F. Sakanatravel

Campana beach can be proud of many facilities for visitors: it is wheelchair accessible, a car park, restaurants, and beach bars to suit every taste.

Capo Spartivento

Capo Spartivento
Capo Spartivento Faro Photo by A.F. Sakanatravel

From Cala Cipolla, the path towards the Faro (lighthouse) Capo Spartivento is brim-full of magnificent country scenery at one side and the magnificent view over the Chia Bay and of all the south coast on the other, achieving its best in spring when the meadows are saturated with wildflowers and the trees are freshly green.

Spartivento Antonio F.
Capo Spartivento Faro Photo by A.F. Sakanatravel

The Lighthouse “Faro” Capo Spartivento” dominates the surrounding standing at the highest tip of the promontory that bears the same name. Built in the middle 19th century by the Italian Navy this amazing structure used to accommodate the family of the lighthouse steward till recently. Nowadays the Faro is a luxury residence nonetheless keeping its brilliant design and charming appearance.

Su Giudeu

A long sandy beach, which is excellent for children, shortly, a stunning bay overlooking the clear turquoise waters where high sandy dunes covered with junipers, mirtus, and pines share the lower slopes.

Su Giudeu Beach 6 AF
Su Giudeu Beach Photo by A.F. Sakanatravel

It is an awesome sight that shines up at you also known as the S’ABBA DURCI beach (freshwater beach), by local knowledge especially on its eastern side (where some fresh water from the river Perdosu and the Stagno join the sea).

Su Giudeu beach 4 AF
Su Giudeu Beach Photo by A.F. Sakanatravel

In this wild and wonderful stretch of southern coast families of flamingos have made it their home for part of the year wandering around in the nearby lagoon. (Stagno di Stangioni de su Sali where the needed fresh water is brought in by the River Perdosu)

Su Giudeu beach 5 AF
Su Giudeu Beach Photo by A.F. Sakanatravel

The sea floors of su Giudeu are rich in fauna and natural beauty with quite a few reefs just above the surface a perfect and fun location for divers.

Su Giudeu beach 3 AF
Su Giudeu Beach Photo by A.F. Sakanatravel

Not far from the shore the small island just in front of su Giudeu beach is an impressive sight, between easy reach thanks to the shallow waters typical of the south a tiny, rather special rocky islet of Su Giudeu sits untouched with its ridges toppling off into the sea.

Cala Cipolla  

Cala Cipolla II
Cala Cipolla Beach photo by Stefano C. Sakanatravel

An irresistible untouched sandy beach guarded by a rocky promontory, only accessible on foot leaving from the parking hundred meters away. Here the rich color contrast of the white beach, blue sea, pine and juniper forest and rose –coloured rock shore-line make this secret spot a rare sight.

Cala Cipolla
Cala Cipolla Beach photo by Stefano C. Sakanatravel

On the right side of this sandy bay lay the suggestive lighthouse of Capo Spartivento reachable on foot through a country pebble pathway from which you will enjoy a tremendous view across the southern coastline.

Cala Cipolla III
Cala Cipolla Beach photo by Stefano C. Sakanatravel

It is a perfect location for families thanks to its emerald blue and shallow waters that stay low as far as 10 mt from the shoreline and obviously for divers who like to explore its wonderful seabed.

On the east of Torre di Chia:

Su Portu (Porticciolo) and Isula Manna Su Cordolinu 
Su Portu Bay on the opposite promontory of Sa Colonia beach just in front of the Campeggio Torre Chia, wild and wonderful with turquoise shallow waters, offers a stunning view over the Chia Spanish Tower and the Su Cordolinu (wild mushroom) little inlet beautifully connected to the bay by an isthmus of sand and so can be visited on foot.

Su Portu
Su Portu Beach photo by Stefano C. Sakanatravel

There is much to discover here: in particular the location of the Tophet (necropolis) of the Phoenician city of Bithia (8th century BC).

Cala de Sa Musica
Cala de Sa Musica ( The music bay) can only be reached via the sea or through a pebbly and difficult path which leave Porticciolo beach and wind down through the wild-pear low tree and juniper bushes, amidst seaside slopes, it appears in all its beauty a tiny rather special bay overlooking the coast towards Africa.

Natural Ponds

Stagno di Chia (Chia Pond)
Also known in Sardinian language as “Stagno di Sa Tanca e Sa Tuerra” lay undisturbed just behind the eastern side of La Colonia beach where it changes its name in Baia di Chia or Monte Cogoni beach.

Dallo stagno verso monte Cogoni
View from the Chia Pond towards Cogoni beach Photo by Stefano C. Sakanatravel

This attractive lagoon dries in full summer but all year round its fresh water are supplied by the wild natural river “Rio Baccu Mannu” that run from the Mount “Punta su Furru to the seashore next to the Cogoni Promontory at the location called Sa Foxi de Cogoni.
It is an explosion of natural beauties and rare birds that come here from Africa or from nearby regions to paddle in this beautiful water so in a normal spring or early summer afternoon you can admire the pink flamingos, herons, and even coots.

Stagno di Stangioni de su Sali 
This pretty lagoon consists of two ponds one very small and the main one and there are situated just behind the Su Giudeu beach, separated from it by precious natural white sand dunes. The fresh waters are brought in by the Rio Perdosu river

Su Giudeu Fab IV.JPG
Stangioni de su Sali Pond Photo by F.F. Sakanatravel

This natural oasis is the usual habitat for many animal species and like the other Chia ponds home to rare bird species including a number of them which nest in the area: herons, coots, and pink flamingos.




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