Laconi is a fascinating mountain town sheltered in a fold of the hills on the fringes of the grand massif of Gennargentu.

Parco Aymerich Pond details tree Sakanatravel
Laconi Parco Aymerich Pond photo by L.C. Sakanatravel
Parco Aymerich Laconi Stream
Laconi Parco Aymerich  Stream Photo by L.C. Sakanatravel

This charismatic small hamlet shows a fresh and bucolic feel with views of green, magical ponds and swinging streams. It is a fantastic place to explore full of traditions, archaeology and Cristian devotion.

Parco Aymerich Laconi Waterfalls
Parco Aymerich  Waterfalls photo by L.C. Sakanatravel

Parco Aymerich
The Aymerich Park in Laconi is a lovely and peaceful 22-hectare heaven ideal for an unusual excursion in the centre of town.

Parco Aymerich Trees Laconi Sakanatravel
Laconi Parco Aymerich Trees  Photo by L.C. Sakanatravel

You will be amazed by an array of streams, springs, and waterfalls overlooking calm ponds, all around woods of oak trees, olive and locust groves and a big variety of plants from all over the world.

Parco Aymerich Laconi Spring
Laconi Parco Aymerich Spring Photo by Sakanatravel

This beautiful natural reserve was established by Don Ignazio Aymerich Ripoli, a 19th-century botanist, and owner of this stretch of town, that enriched this place with all the natural gifts of his countless trips abroad.

Parco Aymerich Laconi Signpost and Map
Laconi Parco Aymerich Map photo by M.C. Sakanatravel

The water is the main theme in this oasis and runs copiously all around creating bucolic waterfalls the most famous of which is “The Cascata Maggiore” surrounded by overhanging rocks and expertly modeled rustic benches.

Parco Aymerich Laconi Pond
Laconi Parco Aymerich  Pond photo by L.C. Sakanatravel
Parco Aymerich Laconi Pond details
Parco Aymerich Pond photo by L.C. Sakanatravel
Parco Aymerich Laconi Old Tree
Parco Aymerich Tree detail photo by L.C. Sakanatravel

Aymerich Castle
At the centre of the park emerges the stunning ruins of a medieval Castle buried within the wild groves which bring the name of the last Laconi nobles, “Aymerich”.

Castello Aymerich Laconi
Castello Aymerich 1051 A.D. Photo by L.C. Sakantravel

It was rebuilt in the XIII century to guard the border between Giudicato d’Arborea and Cagliari even if part of its structure, the Tower, dates back to the 11th century.
The building is a mix of medieval architecture on the first floor and Catalan-Aragonese windows on the top floor.

Castello Aymerich Ruins Laconi
Castello Aymerich 1051 A.D. Photo by L.C. Sakantravel

Keep an eye on the small carving of a castle above the arched doorway with a barrel-vaulted ceiling and don’t miss the splendid view from the courtyard over the valley nestled on the hills in front.

Parco Aymerich Laconi Pathway
Laconi Parco Aymerich Pathway photo by L.C. Sakanatravel

Places to visit:

Casa St Ignazio
Laconi original fame is strictly linked to Sardinia’s most loved saint: Saint Ignazio of Laconi.
Pilgrims in the thousands gather in town at the end of August for the annual festivities in honor of the saint.
The house where he was born is a bare room with a typical wood-beamed and bamboo covered roof and simply a shrine and bench for daily prayers.

Saint Ignazio Church
Not far from his family home in via Minzoni is the Church dedicated to St Ignazio, easily recognizable by the metal dome and pointy campanile and the beautiful bronze sculpted doors with scenes recalling St. Ignazio life. You can also visit the chapel where he received his baptism.

Civic Archaeological Museum of Prehistoric Sculpture
The museum is located in the Palazzo Aymerich , a beautiful structure dating back to 1845 in the local piazza Marconi.
Laconi area is surrounded by this gigantic stones called Menhir a unique sculptural phenomenon that dates back to between the end of Neolithic (6000 BC) and the Metal era (3700-2400BC).
The Museum hosts more than 40 sculpted monoliths from the 4th and 3rd millennium BC but all area of Sarcidano region is an open-air museum that can be admired as you go around for a revitalizing countryside excursion.


Where to eat and stay

Agriturismo Genna ‘e Corte

Agriturismo genna e corte

GENNA ‘E CORTE is a farm located in the center of Sardinia, at a mere 9 km from the village of Laconi, in the Nuoro province. Our agriturismo is situated in a very tranquil location, in the midst of a verdant and pristine natural setting typical of the most remote internal regions of the island. … more



Local produce


Liquorificio Artigianale Lugas Rosa

Via Mazzini 24 Laconi Oristano

Liquori Lugas Laconi.jpg
Liquori Lugas Laconi Cioccolatini al mirto Photo by Liquori Lugas


L’isola dei Sapori …..

Sardinian truffles and more……

tartufo laconi.jpg
Tartufo L’isola dei Sapori Laconi  Photo by L’isola dei Sapori Laconi


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