Pedra Longa

Pedra Longa Baunei
Pedra Longa Baunei photo by Sakanatravel 2020

Pedra Longa lies undisturbed in the area of Baunei .

There are countless reasons why people fall in love with this natural beauty: temptingly turquoise waters wash continuously on the tiny rocky beach of the Pedra Longa Cove.

Pedra Longa Baunei 2
Baunei on the seaside view photo by Sakanatravel 2020
Pedra Longa Baunei 5
View over the bay – Pedra Longa Baunei photo by Sakanatravel

Its name meaning “Tall Stone due to the presence of the so called Aguglia a Tramontana or Agugliastra, a kind of Calcareous Pyramid made of limestone and dolomite which rises up above the sea for as high as 130 metres, that is the PEDRA LONGA.

Pedra Longa Baunei 6
The beautiful cove from Pedra Longa Baunei photo by Sakanatravel 2020
Pedra Longa Baunei 7
Pedra Longa Baunei view of the bay photo by Sakanatravel 2020
Pedra Longa Baunei
Stunning view of Pedra Longa – Baunei – photo by Sakanatravel 2020

In the proximity of this wonderful spot you will find a car parking area, a cafe and a restaurant.

Highly suggested for scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts

Pedra Longa Baunei3jpg
Pedra Longa view from inland photo by Sakanatravel 2020

Cala Goloritze’

Cala Goloritze Bay
Cala Goloritze’ Arch photo by L.C. for Sakanatravel 2020

Cala Goloritzé is a stunning beach on the eastern coast of Sardinia in the southern part of the Gulf of Orosei near the town of Baunei.

Cala Goloritze Tree
Cala Goloritze’ along the pathway leading to the beach . Photo by Sakatravel

This panoramic spot shares dramatic coastlines of plunging cliffs and blue sea, backed by cypresses and olive groves.

Cala Goloritzeiew
Cala Goloritze’ arriving from the Supramonte of Baunei. Photo by Sakanatravel 2020

Cala Goloritze’ beach is one of the most iconic in all Sardinia, with its 143mt high pinnacle that rises above the bay and the marble rock natural arch which lies beautifully on the right side of the cove.

The pathway leading here is simply spectacular with a vertical drop of 470 metres in an hour and half you will reach this wild escape.

From the parking lot of Su Porteddu, on the Golgo plateau you will pass through the magnificent Supramonte di Baunei, we certainly are in the heart of Ogliastra region.

Cala Goloritze Sunset
Simply Cala Goloritze’ beach – Baunei –

Obviously you could rent a boat at Arbatax, Santa Maria Navarrese or Cala Gonone and be amazed by the sea and mountains unite in an idyllic harmony of colours.

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