High, rugged and not always easily accessible, the wild and beautiful interior is where to find the Sardinia’s soul.

Monte Novo San Giovanni Orgosolo IV
Orgosolo Mount  San Giovanni -Inland Sardinia photo by Daigo Sakanatravel 

So, if you are adventurer enough, deep into the mountains in the heart of Supramonte area, following a winding road less than 20 km from Oliena, you will encounter the town of Orgosolo quite fascinating sight of an ancient and mysterious Sardinia.

Monte Novo San Giovanni Orgosolo X
Orgosolo Mount San Giovanni view over Supramonte photo by Daigo Sakanatravel 

Orgosolo narrow streets have been decorated since the 60s and 70s with a radiant display of murals (murals) covering the little stone houses and businesses main entrances, enriched by these beautiful paintings with a deep political and social meaning.

Orgosolo Murales
Orgosolo Murales photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 

The enchanting murals tell the stories of the people, their traditions, culture and deep social dissent and of course bring forward the ancient desire of Sardinian Independence.

Orgosolo Murales II
Orgosolo Murales photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 

Enjoy an hour or two wandering through this open-air gallery, mainly along the Corso Repubblica where you can sample most of the culinary specialty of this little mountain hamlet.

Murales in Orgosolo photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 

Explore the surroundings

During the summer Orgosolo with the bulk of the San Giovanni mountain,(1316 m) within easy reach from the town, it is a magnet for those who love outdoor activities.

Monte Novo San Giovanni Orgosolo
Landscape near Funtana Bona Orgosolo photo by Daigo F. Sakanatravel 

After a beautiful spring Funtana Bona, at a height of 1052, is the winding watercourse of the Cedrino river, where, over time, the current has sculpted large rounds pools among the hilly rocks.

From the top of Mount S.Giovanni Orgosolo photo by Daigo F. Sakanatravel 

Closer to the populated area while traveling along the road through the village about 5km away you will certainly enjoy the spectacular beauty of the high plateau of Montes, an empty, lunar landscape at time and green (the famous olm oaks forest of Montes) and bushy but rugged at others, perfect for hiking or riding.
Here you can visit the typical and ancient shepherd refuge in a form of a hut Sos Pinnettos.

Monte Novo San Giovanni Orgosolo V
Orgosolo view over the plateau photo by F.F. Sakanatravel

Su Suercone sinkhole: here the land has created a deep hole in the mountain 200 meters deep and 400 wide.
It is the largest sinkhole in all the island that looks inaccessible but with the right equipment and a good guide you could climb-walk the passageway through it.
Very important to notice is the archeological site of Campus Donianicoro that lay in the area nearby.

Su Gorroppu gorge: situated in between Orgosolo area and Urzulei municipality it is a show of the beauty of the grand 450 meters high canyon, one of the deepest in Europe.
For detailed info on when it is the best time for a safe visit to the site.



  • In Ferragosto (August 14-15), you could take part in one of the Inland Sardinia most vibrant festivals around the beautiful setting of the little church of the Assunta, when a wild horse race Sa Vardia ‘e Mes’Austu takes place through the center of Orgosolo main alley.
  • Autumn in Barbagia in Mid-October  when you will be happy to taste the typical meat dish from Orgosolo culinary tradition “Sa Purpuzza”.

Path to Monte Novo San Giovanni Orgosolo
Traditions and culture
Orgosolo is notoriously one of the best places to admire the Canto a Tenore (Polyphonic folk singing) which has been recognized Unesco World Heritage Site, because of its cultural importance and influence as a patrimony of the humanity.

The village is famous for Su Lionzu, a unique and mysterious head ornament that frames the beautiful women of Orgosolo in their traditional dress. Made of delicate and rare silk threads -all local produced, the silkworm is grown nearby and the saffron to color the veil is local as well.


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