San Teodoro

A long sandy beach alongside the entrance of town (La Cinta beach) separates the irresistible untouched lagoon, the Stagno di San Teodoro from the turquoise blue sea of Gallura’s south-eastern coast.


Flamingos and other rare species are the sole inhabitants of this natural treasure; by contrast the busting tourist village of San Teodoro appears amidst low mat of Mediterranean maquis.
Centre of town is a typical summer resort set to please the tourist with its big selection of bars, restaurants, craftsmen shops and discos, although it preserves a traditional appearance in its Sardinian style stone-houses and a pretty church dedicated to San Teodoro in Piazza Gallura opposite the Tourist information point.



San Teodoro has ancient roots, a megalithic site that blend with thick bushes of lentiscus and myrtles is to be seen in the shelter under cliff of Aresula (Li Conchi in local dialect) dating back to 2000-1500BC.
From the Nuragic Era towards Roman times the area saw plenty of human activities around the site of the modern village, the roman city of Conclearia used to occupy the area amidst the pond along the ss125 and the sea, hosting a crowded port in the Niuloni locality.
It flourished in Byzantine times as a site of an important church and known by the name of Offolle (Ovidde’) during the Giudicato era before turning into a desert land follow the fate of Olbia till the 17th century.
In the 18th century the first stazzi started to appear inhabited by colonies of adventures coming from Tempio and Corsica.

Interesting places

San Teodoro Lagoon
An impressive sight for bird-watch lovers, San Teodoro Lagoon lies amidst the Cinta beach on the eastern coast and the ss125 national road on the west side.
It is a natural gem, soon bushes of wild rosemary and myrtles, with their pale marine-blue blooms and strongly scented leaves captures your attention.
The Lagoon guests a wealth of water animals such as grey mallets, eels and bass and very rare water birds species that share the calm and beauty of this place with a huge community of pink flamingos


An inviting long golden sandy beach just welcomes you in the entrance of town.
It is literally located on the side of the road.

La Cinta Beach

Signposted 500 mt. from the town centre a pleasant shingle beach will draw you down to the magnetic turquoise sea.
Popular with young people for its very trendy nightclub.

Cala d’Ambra


Within easy reach from Town on the north direction, but keeps majority of tourists away.
The sweeping beach of Isuledda is an enchanting place sitting in a deep bay immerse in thick juniper woodland, guarded by an unspoilt lagoon


Situated within easy reach from Lu Fraili town on the road to Olbia from San Teodoro.
A superb view greets you, a blinding white cove, squeezed through the rocks, glares in the summer sunlight.
A high rate pleasant resort set back over the bushy hillside and posh villas in choice locations overlook the sea.
Equipped with tennis courts and golf practice space, shops and restaurants, it is almost a town by itself.


On the road to Olbia near the small village of Lu Fraili, and by Puntaldia Harbour.
Along an overgrown path you reach an impressive sight a virgin sandy beach which is excellent for children set amidst bushes of wild rosemary and cystus.

Lu impostu
Lu Impostu


On the road to Olbia near the small village of Lu Fraili
It is an awesome sight, villas and residences lie sporadically dispersed across the inclines, a lovely shingle beach sit out looking towards the island of Tavolara and Molara.

Coda Cavallo
Coda Cavallo Bay

Not far from the main road to Olbia near the Luturrai village the path disappears into the pines will bring you to this lovely beach known by many as Tahiti for its wonderful natural scenery.

Cala Brandinchi
Cala Brandinchi

Shortly from the road to Olbia near the exit Monte Petrosu.
Swallowed up in a sweet-smelling maquis this magnificent sandy beach enjoys a splendid vista that stretches as far as the sun kissed peak of Tavolara.


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