The smallest Kingdom in the whole world, Tavolara, with its legendary shepherd-King and splendid shores, lies right in the middle of the Marine Natural Park.
Tavolara with its lofty cliffs is a beautiful island, looking like a volcano emerging from the sea.


Wild goats, sea-gulls and Mediterranean marquis are the only inhabitants in winter, while in summer boats full of tourists populate its pretty bays and sandy beaches; amazingly, by night it goes back to its lovely freedom and isolation.
There are a couple of restaurant and bar (open in summer only) and a few private houses, so if you come here outside of summer season, make sure to bring your own food and drink!

Tavolara Photo by P. Vacca for Sakanatravel


A shepherd Mr Bertoleoni, originally from La Maddalena Island, had always wanted to live a Robinson Crusoe life in a very small isle opposite the north coast of Sardinia.
His dream came true when the King of Savoy Charles Albert visited the Gallura, undiscovered area in the North of Sardinia, in 1843;
Mr Bertoleoni, one of the many shepherds in the area, offered 3 sheep as a present to the king.
The King of Savoy was very delighted for the present and wanted to thank the host, so asked whatever was needed by the Robinson Crusoe family.
The shepherd couldn’t make his mind but in the end his dream was the most important thing on earth for him: “the Kingdom of Tavolara” and only Tavolara.
Since then he had a royal flag, a cannon to pay salute, a small court comprising the wife and the kids, and quite considerable number of wild sheep and plenty of fish.
Photo of the royal family can be found at Buckingham Palace.

Places to see

Golden sand beach, just on the left of the pier when you land, is a dream that come true.

Spalmatore di Terra
Spalmatore di Terra

In the evening animated by adventure look for the Spalmatore di Fuori or Spiaggia dei Sassi (tiny stones shore) with a fine outlook over the tail of the gulf situated behind the restaurants on the north side of the islet.

Spalamatore di Fuori
Spalmatore di Fuori

The cemetery is situated just a short walk from the restaurant on your left, immerse in the Mediterranean maquis, where the king is still looking after his kingdom.

Cimitero Tavolara
Royal Cimitery

Two beautiful islets on the stretch of sea between Tavolara and the mainland Sardinia. Here is the reign of sea-gull, “macchia mediterranea” and romantic little white sand coves on sparkling turquoise water complete the wonderful picture.

Isola Rossa and Isola Piana
Isola Rossa and Isola Piana

Passing the seawater canal between the mainland and Tavolara you will spot a relict on your right, a Portuguese cargo drawn in the 70’s, a lot of mystery permeate this place the crew boat was never been found and with moon light in a clear night you will certainly drawn into the scene.

Portuguese Cargo
Portuguese Cargo


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