The little community of Mamoiada lies at the very centre of Barbagia -Inland Mountain area of Sardinia, just few kilometres from the rocky Supramonte di Orgosolo and only 14 km south of Nuoro.

Mamoiada fire VI
Mamoiada -wall art sculture- photo by Daigo F. Sakantravel 


The surroundings make for one of the most thrilling landscapes in the mountain region, many streams pass through rocks overlooking fresh water springs so to create green pastures and prolific vineyards.

Mamoiada fire IV
Mamoiada – Fuochi di Sant’Antonio January Photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 

The people of Mamoiada go proud of its ancient origins and traditions celebrated during the many festivity throughout the year: the most important of which are: The Bonfires of Sant’Antonio religious festival and the traditional Carnival with the world known masks of Mamuthones and Issohadores.



Issohadores kids
And Kids enjoy too – dancing in Mamoiada photo by F.F. Sakantravel 

Mamuthones and Issohadores are the emblem of this beautiful mountain hamlet.
The Mamuthones are more than just a masquerade to the people of Mamoiada (mamoiadini), but deeply an important element of their identity.



Campanacci – Su Ferru e sa Carriga  photo by F.F. Sakantravel 

The Mamuthones are decked out in dark, shaggy sheepskins on which rows of juggling 30 kilos of cow bells (sa carriga) are strung, and with heavy, black, oversized masks with pronounced features carved out of precious woods.




Mamuthones I
Mamuthones ready for the Festival  photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 

They move solemnly with an ancestral dance, led by red jacketed and white clothes Issohadores, each wielding a lasso ( sa soha) twirling it and catching victims, sometimes targeting spectators watching from balconies along the route.


Issohadores VI
It is said that, in ancient times, this was used to capture the woman that they wanted to marry.

Issohadores I
The real meaning of the rituals of the Mamuthones and Issohadores during the Carnival of Mamoiada is covered by an uncertainty and mystery. For some it celebrates the victory of the Sardinian shepherds (Issohadores) against the Arabs-Saracen (the Mamuthones) that tried to conquer the island, surrounded and led in procession. Others sees it as a ceremonial procession in honour of a pastoral god started in the Nuragic period and arrived till today as a good auspicious for the harvest.


Campanacci II

For the more mystical thinkers, the performance represents the mythical killing of the old people, while others think that the mamuthones mask portrays some diabolical spirit.

Mamuthones back

If you like to know more about the traditional masks of the Carnival and the town’s ancient culture, have walk around the three museums of Mamoiada: the Mediterranean Masks Museum, the Museum of Culture and Labour, and the Museum of Archaeology and of the Territory.


Mamuthones mask Sa Bisera I
Mamuthones Masks photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 


But in the end the special feature of Mamoiada are the hospitality of its people and fragrance and deep flavour of the wine produced locally from the indigenous grape of Cannonau and Granazza.

Mamuthones mask detail.JPG

St. Anthony’s Bonfires 16th 17th January. (Fuochi di Sant’Antonio )

This festival is profoundly sensed in the village of Mamoiada being full of mythical and ritual aspects and it is a time for reviving communal belongings and identity.


Mamoiada fire I
Saint Anthony Bonfires Mamoiada Photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 

St. Anthony’s Bonfires Day coincide with the first annual appearance/outing“sa prima essia” of the iconic figure of the Mamuthones with their blackened shepherd’s outfit, a silent reminder of an idealised pastoral past, carefully directed by their eternal rivals , the Issohadores.

Campanacci Su Ferru and Sa Carriga II

A unique experience for the tourists a chance to know the best kept secret the real Sardinian life with at the centre its special people.


Issohadores III
Issohadores and Mamuthones photo by F.F. Sakantravel 

A Special Thanks to Gesuino G. and the Gruppo: Issohadores e Mamuthones Pro loco Mamoiada that made all this and more possible with their typical and warm hospitality.



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