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The village resort of Porto San Paolo has a particular beauty looking straight across the islands of Tavolara and Molara, rich in wildlife and a wealth of rosemary and red-berried lentiscus.

Once a fishermen village, it is nowadays a dazzling tourist resort just 10 min away from the Airport of Olbia, ideal for families on a relaxing vacation.
Its splendid small sandy beaches and the bay it sits behind are the main assets of this tiny resort, that has got a lot to offer in spring and autumn when mainstream holiday makers leave the way to a traditional and quite Sardinian experience.
In spring the maquis is a tangled bouquet of colour that set a beautiful painting with the view of the islands in front and the thickly wooded oaks hills behind and creates a perfect setting for picnics and walk tours around the numerous country farms and silent valleys.

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Tavolara Island Photo by F.F. Sakanatravel


The smallest Kingdom in the whole world, with its legendary shepherd-King and splendid shores, lies right in the middle of the Marine Natural Park.
Please refer to Tavolara page for more info.

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Molara is a granitic rock island covered with maquis and wild olives.
Cala di Chiesa on the eastern shore host the remains of a medieval village, Gurguray, and what remain of a church dedicated to San Ponziano.
In the past called also Buccinaria from Buccinum, the shell-fish present in great abundance to the sides of the rocks used in the antiquity by the Phoenician dyers to obtain the famous purple.
Snorkelling is well recommended.


A tiny white sandy beach with brilliant turquoise water, situated just in front of the small square overlooking the island of Tavolara.

Piazzetta Beach
Piazzetta Beach

The main beach in town, at walk distance from the parking place, the perfect spot for an evening sunset or to join the crowd of tourist during the day.

Porto San Paolo Beach
Porto San Paolo Beach

A long white collar of golden sand curves round the bay creating an impressive site with a number of tourist facilities all around.
It is situated just a mile away from Porto San Paolo on the road to San Teodoro.
Have a drink on the local beach-bar and enjoy the amazing landscape.

Porto Taverna Beach
Porto Taverna Beach

1/2 mile away on the road to Olbia, follow the signs to Hotel Ollastu you will be surprised of the beauty of this spot.
A tiny tourist harbour and small pretty ivory beach sit on a wild landscape overlooking the sea in every shade of blue.

Costa Corallina


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