High, rugged and not always easily accessible, the wild and beautiful interior is where to find the Sardinia’s soul.

Monte Novo San Giovanni Orgosolo IV
Orgosolo Mount  San Giovanni -Inland Sardinia photo by Daigo Sakanatravel 2008-2018

So, if you are adventurer enough, deep into the mountains in the heart of Supramonte area, following a winding road less than 20 km from Oliena, you will encounter the town of Orgosolo quite fascinating sight of an ancient and mysterious Sardinia.

Monte Novo San Giovanni Orgosolo X
Orgosolo Mount San Giovanni view over Supramonte photo by Daigo Sakanatravel 2008-2018

Orgosolo narrow streets have been decorated since the 60s and 70s with a radiant display of murals (murals) covering the little stone houses and businesses main entrances, enriched by these beautiful paintings with a deep political and social meaning.

Orgosolo Murales
Orgosolo Murales photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 2008-2018

The enchanting murals tell the stories of the people, their traditions, culture and deep social dissent and of course bring forward the ancient desire of Sardinian Independence.

Orgosolo Murales II

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