“We pass from one tranquil bay of shallow amethystine water to another, with wiry herbs for ever on the landward side of us, and faint forms of mountainous islets rising from the haze of the sea.”

Edwards, Charles, “Sardinia and the Sardes” London, Richard Bentley and Son 1889

Gallura is a beautiful region situated on the north-east side of the Island of Sardinia, the granite rock cliffs and splendid coastal view follow you all the way.


Don Diego Porto San Paolo photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 

The archipelago of La Maddalena constitutes the starting point of an enchanting sea-shore trip, Costa Smeralda, that Vanity Fair readers know even too well, follows few km away, the island of Tavolara, with its wild sheep, draws a pretty landscape opposite to Olbia, the main city of the region, till the resort of San Teodoro in the south, where families and young tourists find their share of fun and relax.



San Teodoro La Cinta Beach photo by Sakanatravel 

But the sandy beaches and the sun are not everything in this place, the interior mountainous spots offer the traveller most of its beauty; untamed land covered in maquis and a wealth of forest, traditional houses, hospitality and mamma’s typical food seems like a dream compare to the glamour of the VIP coast.



Island of Tavolara Photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 


Olbia San Simplicio
Olbia Basilica of San Simplicio photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 
Coddu vecchiu
Coddu Vecchiu Giants’ Tomb Arzachena Photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 
Caprera  Sakanatravel.JPG
Island of Caprera photo by F.F. Sakanatravel 
Cala Lunga La maddalena
La Maddalena Cala Lunga photo by Sakanatravel 


Tempio Pausania Photo by Sakanatravel 


Costa Smeralda photo by A.Oba for Sakanatravel 



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